Starting A Home Based Business-Part 2

Beginning A Home Based Business-Part 2

In this section we are going to be speaking about webhosting and I am going to show to you the webhosting business I seem like is the most convenient to utilize specifically if you are a newbie aiming to begin a house based company. When I initially began I need to have went to hundreds of various sites looking for hosting services for my house based company but I remembered when I use to be a workplace supervisor for a business I worked for years ago they were making use of Yahoo Webhosting for their company and they never had any issues plus Yahoo’s consumer support was incredible (I understand cause I was the one calling them). You had the ability to call them about any kind of technical problems you had and they would resolve them complimentary of charge. I am not promoting Yahoo here people and believe me when I state some would frown on Yahoo’s service however from my experiences they are A+ in my book.

There is something I wish to point out to you that many people do not even learn about when starting off with a new website. When we talked about domain names in Beginning a Home Based Business-Part 1 I forgot to share one thing to you that it is essential, at least to me it is. The company you choose for your domain need to also be the web hosting company. The reason that I say this is since if you purchase your domain name from one business and get your hosting service from another you will have to call them and tell the business to change your registrars or it will not work. I did this at the start and it was a discomfort to obtain it to work all together. What I wound up doing was choosing Yahoo for both my domain and web hosting service. They had me up and running in a little as 5 minutes once they received my payment. They offer your domain registration for 9.95 a year and the hosting service will cost you 11.95 month. That is exactly what I am currently spending for my house based business site which is not bad if you are on a tight budget.

What you will have to do is go to Yahoo’s website or their web page and on the bottom or near to the bottom left hand side of the website you will see a link that will say, “Small company”. Just below that there will be 2 links one of the links will say “Get a Website” and the other will be “Domain Names”. You want to click on domain and begin your look for your house based business name. Keep in mind in Part 1 I pointed out making use of Google’s keyword selector tool to assist you find a name that would get a lot of searches throughout the web. Once your have found the domain you consider using for your company Yahoo will have you continue to the hosting plans (just follow their easy to establish click through system). I would choose the 11.95 month strategy due to the fact that it features everything you have to get your home based company site working. There is no need for you to spend more than that and later as your home based company grows you can constantly update if required.

This is Part 2 of numerous short articles to come in regards to Beginning a House Based Company so please be searching for future posts when I will be discussing Web Site Design. That is the next action that has to be taken after you get a webhosting make up your home based business.

To Your Success,.
Aaron Jones.

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